Earlier Announcements

20 September 2019

Graven Hill chosen as preferred site for Bicester's new 'Super Surgery'

Alchester Medical Group and Montgomery-House Surgery are announcing that a site at Graven Hill has been found to best meet the criteria for the planned new £15m health hub in Bicester.

Following a detailed examination of site availability and using agreed selection points to help share thier decision, the partners of both practices are now fully satisfied that relocation to Graven Hill is the route that they wish to pursue and the route that is best for their patients.

It's hoped that the new surgery will be ready to open in around three years when both Alchester Medical Group and Montgomery-House Surgery will move in and still operate as seperate practices. The town's other practice, Bicester Health Centre, will stay and expand facilities on its present site at Coker Close.

The new surgery at Graven Hill will provide what is needed to meet demands of a booming local population well into the future and will be a new and modern workplace for staff. We fully expect that it will also be able to offer additional facilities for patients that will save them from making some journeys for treatment elsewhere, such as Oxford or Banbury.

The other site being considered for the new surgery, at Kingsmere, was found to be unable to fulfil a number of the selection criteria and to be of insufficient size for future expansion needs.

The partners of Alchester Medical Group and Montgomery-House Surgery will now continue working with all relevent stakeholders and authorities so that construction of the new surgery can begin as soon as possible.


27 February 2019

Plans for the future: An important announcement for all Alchester Medical Group’s patients

The Alchester Medical Group and Montgomery House Surgery in Bicester are announcing that both practices will move to a brand new purpose-built health hub.  A decision is currently close to being made on which site is most suitable, which will be somewhere on the edge of Bicester.

This will mean change for all existing patients of Langford Medical Practice, Victoria House Surgery, Montgomery-House Surgery and Ambrosden Surgery, as these will eventually close. 

This change is part of a wider revision of primary care services in Bicester that is designed to bring an improved service for all current residents and to look after an additional 20,000 to 30,000 more people who’ll come to live here under the already agreed local housing expansion.  There is no more space available for us to grow services at the Alchester Group and Montgomery-House and so we must take action now in order to plan for the future.

We’re confident that when the exciting new facility opens it will offer additional health services that will often save patients difficult journeys to Oxford or Banbury.

Please watch Alchester’s Dr Toby Quartley as he explains more in this short video…



All of Bicester’s practices are working closely with the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG), which plays a key role in helping shape the county’s healthcare siting and provision.  The practices have also met recently with other stakeholders, including local councillors, in order to explain the stresses on local GP surgeries and to help find what they consider to be the best solutions for Bicester.

We firmly recognise that our patients will usually need to travel further than at present in order to see their doctor.  We can assure you that the sites under consideration for the new hub have a very large provision for car parking, much more than at present. The practices and other stakeholders will explore what additional and alternative transport links are needed, such as bus services, and will seek to have them in place. A public meeting for all our patients, at which views and suggestions will be welcomed, will take place in the near future.

If you would like to make your views or ideas known now then please email: feedback.alchestermedicalgroup@nhs.net 

Do you have questions about this? Visit our FAQs page.

For patients who do not have access online, Dr Quartley’s video is being screened, with subtitles, in the waiting areas for patients.

Transcript of Dr Quartley's video message