Ethnicity questionnaire texts to patients

It is an NHS requirement that we record the ethnicity of all patients who are willing to provide this information to us. Providing this information assists, for example, in better identification of those who are at greater risk of contracting certain illnesses or conditions and allows their treatments to be tailored accordingly.

If we don't have your ethnicity recorded on your medical records, we will be sending you a text asking to fill in a questionnaire regarding this. The information you share with us will then be updated on your medical records.

Please note the text will include a link to open a webpage where you fill in the questionnaire. You may not be able to open links on your phone - if this is the case, please ignore the text. 

Here's what to expect in your text:

Alchester Medical Group would like to update your ethnicity details. 

This helps us understand the needs of all patients and provide the best care we can.

It should take about 2 minutes, and your answers are private.

Select the link to get started: [please note, part of the link address will contain the words:]


Published: Mar 1, 2022