JABS FOR 38 to 49s

If you are aged 36 to 49 and seeking a vaccination (as per the government announcements) then you can either wait to receive a text or call from your Bicester surgery or book one (to take place somewhere other than Bicester) via the National Booking System which you can access if you click here.  Please do not call the surgery to book.

Background: In week beginning 26th April NHS England announced that 44 year olds would also now be able to book for a vaccination, as seen if you click to read this BBC news report. And on 27th April it announced that it was extending this to include anyone aged 42 or above. On 30th April it announced a further extension to include anyone aged 40 or above. Further announcements were made following these and are ongoing.

You can now book (from 18th May) via the National Booking System if you're aged 36 or over or if you'll turn 36 before 1 July 2021. 


Most recent page update: 18th May 2021


Published: Apr 13, 2021

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