We’re now in an extremely busy phase of protecting patients in Bicester and the surrounding areas from the risk of Covid-19.  Our staff at the Bicester Vaccination Centre at Bicester Heritage are tasked to carry out hundreds of vaccinations during each day that the Centre is open.

The people working inside the Vaccination Centre are mostly the doctors, nurses, clinicians and support staff from your GP practice. While we complete this vital programme it’s unavoidable that some of our normal services will be affected - as there are clearly fewer staff working at the surgery buildings. It’s also possible that some of our surgery staff may become ill or are having to isolate, putting even further stress on our regular working and how we manage healthcare for patients.

So we’re asking everyone to please show understanding and support through the weeks and months ahead when you’ll find that some services at your GP practice may be different or are taking longer.

When you contact your surgery during this time the doctor may ask you to call back at a later date if your problem is not assessed as medically urgent, please comply with the doctor’s suggestion whenever possible. You can rest assured that medically urgent problems will still always be dealt with as a priority.

We’ll restore full normal service just as soon as we can but even when the pandemic is over this will take some time, as we’ll also need to consider the continued welfare of our staff who have been working additionally hard throughout the peak of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Thank you.


Published: Feb 4, 2021

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