The way we serve our patients has changed greatly as an outcome of the Covid-19 emergency and this means we can now provide ongoing service improvements. 

We’ve a new balance set up between phone, online services and patients’ needs to visit a GP surgery - many more things can now be done remotely. 

For example, if you should need information about a condition or to order a repeat prescription from your doctor, this can be done online. You just require a smartphone, tablet or computer. If necessary, a family member or friend can assist you in setting up your online services or whenever you make requests.

All the Bicester GP practices recommend that you download and use either the Patient Access app or the NHS app. These provide a quick and simple way to communicate many of your needs to us, such as for a repeat prescription. 

Additionally, as a patient of a Bicester medical practice, you may use the online consultation service called eConsult to ask for help about a medical problem from your doctor or other members of the medical team at your own practice. 

Of course, if you find you’re unable to do something online, you may still phone the surgery during its opening hours - but we’d really urge you to try using an app or the eConsult service first. 

Online, phone and video consultations do not replace being able to meet your GP but provide another option when a trip to the surgery isn’t needed. Just visit your practice’s website to use eConsult or to learn more about the service.

For more information please read on to see our FAQs section below.

From now on there will often be a little more distance between us but your doctor’s services will always remain close at hand.

1 June 2020

 FAQs: Your questions answered –

 What  differences might I notice about the doctors’ service from now on?

  • More of your health requirements will be met without you needing to travel to the surgery. After you’ve made contact, our doctors and medical staff can give you direct advice over the phone, by email or sometimes even via a video link.
  • Through the change, we will minimise the number of patients’ missed appointments and more appointments will then be available overall. 
  • More online and eConsult appointments will be available each day than at present. There will still be face-to-face surgery appointments available but there will be fewer of these than in the past. 
  • You will have improved access to your named GP, usually with a shorter waiting time. 
  • To help with appointment planning, you will be able to easily see the days and times that any GP is expected to be working (just look on our website for the detail). 
  • GPs will have greater flexibility and additional time where needed to deal with the more complicated health issues than they do at present. 
  • These combined changes bring patients an improved Continuity of Care.

  Where can I see more about the app and other services you offer to patients?

 Please explore our website or facebook page. 

For NHS information online go to

Click here to download this page as a pdf for printing.


We've a new step-by-step guide for appointment booking - please click here to read it.


Published: Jun 1, 2020

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