e-Consult: Important Information: Please Read

  •  Only submit an e-Consult on a day that your Usual GP is working.  This information can be found on our website under GP availability
  • Please do not submit routine issues after 11:00am.
  • If you submit an e-Consult after 11:00am with an issue that is considered routine, we will ask you to resubmit your e-Consult before 11:00am on a day your usual GP is available. Visit this page to find out what days your usual GP is available.
  •  The e-Consult form will ask if you are happy for any GP to deal with the issue, however, this is a question being asked by the e-Consult software and not by the surgery. Unfortunately, we cannot change the e-Consult software to match the practice protocols.  All routine matters at Alchester are dealt with by your Usual GP for continuity and therefore if an e-Consult is submitted on a day your GP is not working, it will get rejected.  
  • Your GP only has a limited number of slots per day for routine appointments. These can be booked by either a phone call or an e-Consult. Once the slots are full, any further phone calls or e-Consults will be rejected, even if submitted before the stated cut off time. Phone calls and e-Consults are both treated equally in the booking of appointments.   
  •  After submitting an e-Consult you will receive an automated response with a set time frame that you will receive a reply by.  Again, this comes from the e-Consult software and NOT from the surgery. Please ignore this message. The surgery will either deal with the issue on the day submitted or reject the e-Consult if submitted on a day your GP is not working or your GP's list is full.  

Please DO NOT use our e-Consult for medication requests but ask in the usual way. We will not process any medication requests through e-Consult (please read on if your request is about a contraceptive pill request).

e-Consult is for clincal issues only - visit this page if you have an admin or other enquiry.

  • If your enquiry is about a UTI - please do NOT submit an e-Consult; please instead bring a urine sample in a sterile pot to our Victoria House Surgery.
  • If your issue is about a rash or other skin problems, please ensure you provide a photo when submitting your e-Consult enquiry.
  • For a contraceptive pill request: please be aware that you will need to include a current blood pressure reading and your weight. If you do not provide either of these your request will be rejected and will likely cause a delay in your prescription being issued. If you are unable to submit either a BP reading and/or your weight, please call the surgery to make an appointment for a pill check. Once submitted your request will be passed on to a clinician and will be actioned within 5 working days. Please make sure you are completing the correct eConsult form for a repeat contraceptive pill request - when you click on our eConsult link, scroll down and on the right find 'Need to complete a review?' - select this link and then find the Contraceptive review link here. FOR REPEAT REQUESTS ONLY, NO NEW STARTERS

If applicable, now please proceed to the 'Continue to e-Consult' button found on this page.