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Here are a range of leaflets and links that you might find useful - they have been produced by various different organisations.


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How to make your trip to the GP easier


If you have a Learning Disability and are over 14 years old, you can have a yearly health check! Have a read of this leaflet and book an appointment with your GP.


If you need some medical help during the weekend or after 6:30pm when your GP surgery is closed, here is some information about NHS 111.


Here is some information about How to Stay Well this Winter ...


And this leaflet tells you just how important it is that you have your flu jab!


When it is hot - this leaflet will help you cope with a heatwave.


This website - A picture of health - has lots of leaflets on all kinds of different illnesses.


Finally, Oxford Health Learning Disability Service has a useful website full of great leaflets and information.