Our GP Availability

Here is the availability of our GPs for patients booking an appointment.

When you call us (on a day your usual GP is working) you will be added to your GP's list - this is a numbered list so you will not be given a set time for your booked appointment. If your GP's list is full for that day, you may be asked to call back on their next working day. However, when you have a confirmed and booked appointment you can be sure your GP will call you sometime later that same day​

W/C 19th July 2021

Registered GP Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Anderson          
Dr Quartley    
Dr Doucas    
Dr Hill          
Dr Bate  
Dr Nijjar  
Dr Collinson  
Dr Hadley      
Dr Hallam Evans    
Dr Lo  
Dr Khan    
Dr Wong-Morrow*          
Dr Alchester Medical Group**    

*Dr Wong-Morrow is currently on Maternity Leave. Her patients will be dealt with by various GPs, including trainee GPs, whilst she is away.

** Patients previously registered with Dr Evans or Dr Van Stigt are now registered under Dr Alchester Medical Group. This is a pooled that will be dealt with by one of our final year GPs (ST3) , whilst we are undertaking a recruitment process.